How It Works

Fully Open

In winter or cooler weather enjoy the natural warmth of sunlight by tilting the louvers to the desired angle with a touch of your remote control.

Open at an angle

Allow hot air to rise while controlling the sun. Tilt the louvres such that the sun is blocked but the warm air can escape through the opening at the louvers thus keeping the place cool. Tilt your louvers to block the sunlight keeping your entertainment area cool.

Closed for Heavy Rain

Our louvers are designed such that they will interlock to keep out the weather. Deep channels within each louver carry water to the integrated gutter system.

Partially Open

Partially opened louvers allow airflow while protecting your guests from the sun or light rain.

Desired Angles

0° Fully Closed

45° Partially Open

100° Fully Open

Available Colors in Stock

(Color can be customized for Wholesale)

RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey

RAL 9016 Traffic White

Louver Blade

(Color can be customized for Wholesale)

LUX Series 202mm Louvres | Elliptical Type Specification

Width/Height: 202mm/51mm | Thickness: 2.0mm
Maximum span: 4300mm | Design: Waterproof effective

Design Options

(Color can be customized for Wholesale)

Design Option 1 — Free standing

Design Option 2 — Wall mounted

Design Option 3 — Wall hanging

Design Option 4 — Free standing & wall mounted

Optional Additions

Lighting Option—-Linear Strip LED Lights for LUX Series

Electric Heater

Rain Wind Sensor

Motorized Side Screen